“Since the dawn of the millennium I’ve been working in Change. Helping people to chill, take a step back, and find their natural groove.”

I was born in Oxford, United Kingdom.

And grew up in the 70’s… I think it might show a little sometimes . . .

In 1992 started earning my living as a musician. Mainly playing session Bass Guitar. Later owning a recording studio producing and recording EDM (electronic dance music), while spending ALL my spare time learning everything I could about the mind. Meditation, Hypnosis, NLP, Shamanic techniques, Ti-Chi, Chi-Gong, Altered Sates of Consciousness, Accelerated Learning, Yoga… the list goes on.

At the dawn of the millennium I was working in the field of change. Helping people to quit smoking, lose weight (all the usual thing for a hypnotherapist)… then I started working with people helping them chill… take a step back, and find their natural groove.

That was during the day… and at night, I’d switched musician for performing a mixture of hypnosis, suggestion and magic (mentalism) at some very exclusive parties…

Rubbing shoulders with household names, a few well know celebrities and invited to perform at Buckingham Palace (long story… I turned that one down).

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis seamed to be the fastest, most reliable way of helping facilitate change with people in my private practice during the day.

So in 2002 (after creating many NLP techniques that I used in the stage and close-up mentalism, and magic performances) I decided it was time to start learning from the co-creator of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler.

Continuing to learn, up-date my skills and make a difference.

Since January 2005 I’ve assisted at over 50 Hypnosis and NLP Seminars with Dr Richard Bandler and the society of NLP.