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All throughout history... across every culture, you'll hear the exact same story:

Altered States of Consciousness being deliberately induced for: healing (Physical, Psychological and Spiritual), and Guidance (Intuition, Insight and Understanding).

Methods vary: Chanting, Breathwork, Shamanic Journeying, Dancing, Vocal Toning, Plant Medicines, Guided Meditation... the list is long with many rituals and sacred ceremonies.

It's a fascinating topic which is why we created the Ancient Hypnosis Blog, to highlight that it's all the 'same, same, but different'.

Today: Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming are at the forefront of the ASC Phenomena for healing and transformation.

Explore the ancient history of trance state inductions… the birth of Hypnosis... and contemporary approaches to natural Altered States of Consciousness... Discover More

This month's Workshop:
Master Your Emotions & Run Your own Brain

On this workshop you will make these behavioral changes… as well as learn new ways of making change in future situations.

Because in certain instances: tools, techniques and strategies ARE useful (and I will give you plenty of these)…

But in other situations you simply want to ACT differently, you want to be different, naturally without having to ‘do a technique’.

Dismantle ‘Triggers’ to Your Emotional States… and Be in Control

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"What a delightful meditation! I felt my heart open and look forward to the feeling of abundance filling my life. Thank you!" Naia at Nosily Festival

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