What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a word that is confused by so many people…

Stage hypnotists, Hollywood films, tales of people with Svengali like magic powers, mind control etc...

The real ‘Mind Control’ with hypnosis is Your Mind.

You having more control over your mind and thinking. That allows you to direct your actions, behaviour and ultimately your life.

The Truth is Hypnosis is Natural and Safe 

Common Questions about Hypnosis…

Q: Is Hypnosis safe?

A: Yes, it’s a totally natural state.

Q: Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

A: No, no more than you could get stuck asleep.

Q: Can anyone be hypnotised?

A: Yes, but it depends on the situation. Maybe you wouldn’t want to be hypnotised by a stage hypnotist and ‘made to look a fool’ so you wouldn’t follow the instructions. If you needed an operation and there was no anaesthetist but a hypnotist... you would want to be hypnotised.

You are ultimately in control.

QI didn’t feel like I was in trance, I mean I was aware of things…

A: Sometimes you hear everything other times you may drift deeply away, or maybe you drift in and out, aware of some bits and in a daze for other bits… The suggestions go in either way.

If you lose awareness of feelings, sight, sounds, tastes and smells that’s not hypnosis, that’s death!

Hypnosis Gives YOU a Heightened Awareness

Hypnosis or self-hypnosis is similar to meditation and indeed the trance-like states that we all go into when our minds drift off. When people stare out of a window and don’t hear someone call them, that’s trance. Staring into a fire and suddenly realising you had become unaware of all else, you had been in trance. These kind of trance-like experiences are natural.

The Difference Between Meditation & Hypnosis

Hypnosis is commonly associated with change work like removing fears and phobias and creativity, goal setting confidence and motivation. While meditation is normally associated with relaxation and creating spiritual connections.

I have, however, experienced hypnosis techniques that explore ‘Big Mind’ (the space beyond…) and meditations that are about releasing anxieties and fears. So there really are no set boundaries and if there were, we would want to explore what was on the other side of the boundary anyway, wouldn’t we?

Both meditation and hypnosis take us from our daily lives to somewhere different, a place to grow and improve our lives.

MEDITATE: to contemplate, to reflect upon

HYPNOSIS: A state of focused attention

Some Historical Figures of Hypnosis Legend

Franz Anton Mezmer, a Physician in the late 1700’s, coined the term ‘animal magnetisms’... he is also where the word ‘mesmerism’ and ‘mesmerize’ come from. Mezmer used trance states to heal people.

It was James Braid, a Scottish surgeon almost 100 years later who developed ‘mesmerism’ and called it ‘Hypnosis’. The first time the word was used.

In the last century another doctor, Milton H. Erickson MD, pioneered a conversational or indirect style of hypnosis which became known as ‘Ericksonian Hypnosis’.

This was a paradigm shift in the understanding and use of  Hypnosis

Gone was the swinging back and forth of the watch, mesmeric passes and hand gestures or the direct ‘authoritarian’ hypnosis... the kind of hypnosis a stage performer’s might use.

This was a big distinction from direct hypnosis to an indirect form of hypnosis.

Indirect Hypnosis is an amazing way to bypass the critical thinking part of the brain introducing positive new ideas and strategies.

Hypnosis is a way to: gain more control over your emotions, gain more control over your thoughts and behaviours and bring out hidden talents, new ideas, abilities and more.

It’s a way to change your limiting beliefs and shortcomings and become a better you.

Who else uses Hypnosis?

In Science...

Albert Einstein, physicist and Nobel Prize-winner, was known for regularly using hypnotherapy to aid in developing his scientific approach and to access deeper states of creativity.

Einstein used trance-states to hone and develop his ideas. He also claimed to be able to“dream while awake”. It is rumoured that he came up with the theory of relativity in hypnosis.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them,” Albert Einstein

The World of Acting...

Academy award-winning actress (and highest paid actress in the world) Julia Roberts, James Earl Jones (the voice of Darth Vader and Mufasa in the Lion king) and Bruce ‘die-hard’ Willis all used hypnosis to overcome stuttering issues. Success there!

Samuel L. Jackson, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and more have all used hypnosis to quit smoking.

Orlando Bloom was so addicted to chocolate as a child his mother engaged a hypnotherapist to help him quit the addiction and shape up.

“The greatest decision I ever made in my life.” Matt Damon

In Sports...

Tiger Woods started seeing a hypnotist in his teens to help him block out distractions, quiet his mind, release any anxiety, and achieve incredible levels of success in golf.

Michael Jordan used hypnosis in training and would practice self-hypnosis before each game to give him laser-sharp focus and increased mental stamina.

Hypnosis is effective and fast at making changes and you can do it to yourself too.

Get Clear On What You Want... Then Use Hypnosis

That intention you set before going into hypnosis, should be well formed. Call it a goal or an achievement, the most important thing is the direction.

Where are you are headed?

Following a path, moving towards achieving a goal or outcome. Starting from where you are and aiming at where you want to go.

The secret of manifesting, sports psychology, spiritual development, all the successful systems in the world... the secret is getting clear on what you want to achieve. Setting an intention.

Then You Relax into Hypnosis... 

So What Do I Think ‘Hypnosis’ Is?

Well, I think it is all of the above, the direct, the indirect, the purposeful and the purely by accident...

Hypnosis is:

A State of Deep Relaxation
Intense Focus
A Natural State
One of the most Amazing Phenomenas of the mind, a medium for making Positive Changes

And more...

What Will Hypnosis Do For YOU

Hypnosis is an amazing way to bypass the critical thinking part of the brain and introduce new concepts.

To go deep into your subconscious, to bring out hidden talents, new ideas, and increase abilities you never had access to before.

Hypnosis is a way to gain more control over your emotions. Gain more control over your thoughts and behaviours.

It’s a way to bypass your limiting beliefs and a short cut to becoming a better you.

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