Choose Personal Hypnosis

Laser Targeted Hypnosis for exactly what you want and need.
Giving You Effortless Results as You Relax.

In the past I used to charge north of $1000 for a studio recording (like my products)...

Then I started offering 'Live' Hypnosis sessions, which are more like the type of hypnosis you would experience if you came to see me one-to-one.

So, you might be wondering "Okay, so how does this work?"

Well simple...

First you let me know what you want.

Then I dig a little deeper... gain more information...

... and  create a laser focused Hypnosis recording perfect for your desires.

So now you might be thinking "Okay this is gonna be expensive!"

Well, no actually...

This is the closest thing to working with me 'live' and in person. Except you get to listen to your Hypnosis Session again and again. 

Personal Hypnosis is All About You

Your 'LIVE' Hypnosis (mp3 download) session is tailored perfectly for YOU.

These are NOT like the studio recordings of mine. This IS much more as if you were sitting in my office with me, for a personal one-to-one session.

These Hypnosis Sessions are about you:

  • Enjoying spending more of your time living an aligned lifestyle
  • Banishing doubts and limiting beliefs. Changing your mind-sets and changing your world
  • Creating custom strategies to start getting more of the results you want and deserve

Your 'LIVE' Hypnosis session is scripted and recorded (be me, John Vincent) to a high standard, then your recording is mixed with the beautiful relaxing soundscapes of Dr Christopher Lloyd Clarke. 

And you receive a second version with both music and Brain Wave Entrainment... either Binaural Beats or Isochronic Tones depending on your planned usage.

Personalised Hypnosis

Personalised Hypnosis and Guided Visualisations infused with NLP... tailored specifically to YOU

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“I think your hypnosis meditation has awakened something within me.”
Judith C