What is NLP?

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a set of communication skills and techniques…

It’s an “Attitude” (as described by Dr Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP)

“An attitude of curiosity and a methodology that leaves behind it a trail of techniques”
Paul McKenna PhD

NLP is a way of taking control of your own internal programming…

If you have fears that control you, limiting beliefs that hold you back… you don’t have to accept them and NLP gives you step by step techniques and skills to be the way you want to be.

What Can NLP Do For Me?

Motivation: Learn how YOU can motivate yourself to take action and make things happen

Confidence: Learn a number of techniques to boost your confidence and call on it at will so that you can be confident in any situation

Emotions: Don’t let them rule you, be in control of your emotions

Communication: Discover how to use language more elegantly to get what you want and help others get what they want.

Relationships: Enhance your relationships with others, family, friends, colleagues… learn how to understand, communicate and connect with them on deeper levels

Behaviours: Change the behaviours that hold you back, such as fears and anxieties AND be the person you want to be by embracing new behaviours and make them part of you with NLP

Limiting Beliefs: Learn how to Eradicate those limiting beliefs, expel that negative self talk and start believing in yourself

NLP is like the Owners Manual for Your Brain, that you were not given at birth

NLP is already used in a multitude of environments and you might be surprised who else is using it… It has applications in:

  • Business
  • Sports
  • Health
  • Arts
  • And of course Personal Development

‘Neuro’ refers to the neurology of the brain and how it can be influenced by language ‘Linguistic’. And this re-patterning of habits, behaviours, limiting beliefs etc is the ‘Programming’ part of the name, Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

How it All Began, A Little History of NLP

In 1972 (the year I arrived on Planet Earth) a twenty two year old student at Santa Cruz university called Richard Bandler studying a mix of Philosophy, logic, computer sciences and maths, with a very keen interest in contemporary psychotherapies, family therapies and other change systems edited some of Fritz Perls’ transcripts, that were published as Fritz Perls last books: The Gestalt Approach and Eye Witness to Therapy.

As a forth year student Richard could create and run his own course as long as it was supervised by a faculty member. Enter John Grinder, a linguistics professor, who was so impressed with what Richard was doing John became a part of it.

Their attitude of ‘just go for it’ lead them to model the highly successful…

Along with the classes at the university Richard began organizing weekend workshops and evening classes to teach and further refine their new discoveries. As the months passed their attitude of ‘just go for it’ lead them to model the highly successful family therapist Virginia Satir, the controversial hypnotist Milton H Erickson and a host of other exceptional agents of change.

The Basis of NLP

Exploring new techniques and processes, trying things out, streamlining what worked Richard and John developed the Meta Model, Eye accessing cues, reframing, change work with predicates and a whole lot more that became the bases of NLP and rapid change with people.

In 1974 their first book: The Structure of Magic Volume 1 was published. NLP started to gain attention. Closely followed by volume 2 and the patterns of hypnotic techniques of Milton H Erickson MD Vol 1 & 2 the seventies also saw the publication of Reframing and Frogs into Princes.

The Practitioner Seminars teaching these skills were growing in number, as were the private clients who wanted personal change and the modelling skills of Richard and John to change systems in their business.

It’s Uses Are Widespread…

Personal development giant Anthony Robbins learned NLP and began using it and teaching it and became the person he is, businesses started implementing it, therapists were using it, every creative field wanted to know about it.

So Where Do I Come In? John Vincent, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer

After reading almost all of Richards books on NLP and teaching myself how to create rapid amnesia in people (which I used as a Magician), having them forget their own name in less that 60 seconds (that’s a whole other story)…

…I decided to learn NLP from the Master!

So in 2003 I did my Practitioner Training with Dr Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna and the Society of NLP. Instantly I started using it in my hypnotic work. The next year I did my Master Practitioner shortly followed my Trainers Training.

In spring 2005 after assisting Paul McKenna at several of his one day weight loss seminars relying heavily on NLP techniques I was invited to become part of the Society of N.L.P London Assisting Team for Paul McKenna Training working with Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna, Michael Breen, Michael Neil and the president of the Society of NLP John La Valle.

Then in 2009 when Paul moved to the US, NLP Life Training took over the training in London and I continued to assist with them at their UK Events, their NLP seminars and on personal development and hypnosis trainings, ranging from a couple of hundred people to events at venues such as The Excel Centre and Wembley Arena.

Assisting on over 50 Practitioner Seminars and Master Practitioner Seminars…

Trainer trainings, Hypnosis courses, Mastering Advanced Techniques of NLP, Get the Life you Want seminars, Plus phobia and weight loss one day events with the NLP Masters!

Working Face to Face with People

Since 2003 I integrated NLP into my change work with clients creating massive positive changes in their lives and I love it, helping people have more and become more.

I still see clients one to one on skype and face to face in workshops around the world. I was one of the founding developers of FireStarter NLP and have conducted NLP trainings on niche applications of NLP and spoken at events in the UK and India.

Online NLP Training Programs…

I have created online video NLP courses on Rapport and applications of NLP course for change to help people improve their communication and make powerful positive changes in their lives.

And I am the Co-visionary of Peak Power Academy as well as some new upcoming NLP and Hypnosis power combinations due to be released very soon.

Interested in Working Together?

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