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A Holistic 3 Step Approach to Transformation

The: SoBeing Podcast.

DO NOT drive or operate machinery. ONLY listen when you can safely relax and close your eyes.

A hypnotic journey of change… SoBeing is a Holistic 3 Step Approach to transformation. Powered by Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis and Guided Visualisations, a simple 3 step process:

Releasing & Letting Go
Gratitude & Right Now
Creating & Making Manifest

“Success Comes From Being, Not Doing”

The SoBeing Podcast, Sundays 11:11am GMT

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The Simplicity of Being: SoBeing 3 Step Process

#1 Releasing & Letting Go of the things holding you back. Ridding yourself of fears, worries, anxieties and doubts. Banishing negative self-talk and all the things that are blocking your path to Health, Happiness and Abundance.

#2 Gratitude, 

“The emotion that puts things in motion.” Appreciating the good in your life. Celebrating the successes you do have. And building more to be Grateful for. Maximising the Now, becoming the Advancing Person.

#3 Creating a future you are drawn towards. Supercharging your life. Living a life more aligned with who you really are. This is You designing the future you want. Focusing your Clear Mental Image (CMI), setting your Reticular Activation System (RSA) and becoming the Conscious Architect of Your Future.

Using Proven Modalities for Change

SoBeing: Testimonials

“Your sessions were amazing. What I can tell you is that your sessions changed something inside me. I don't behave in the same way anymore. I am much more confident, and see problems in a completely different way. Thank you! a lot!”

Teresa S

"John I really feel that with the process you have designed here you have come up with such an effective syntax, for re wiring the brain and creating a shift in thought, state, and ultimately in the behaviour that results from that shift. Your approach meets the fundamental criteria of alchemy."

Daniel B

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