Done With You Liminal-Affirmation Recordings.

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A VERY Limited time offer.

Personalized (because You choose exactly what they are), Hypnotic Affirmations 'Liminally'* embedded in relaxing music and with soothing Nature Soundscapes.

*slightly above the threshold so your mind is positively effected by them.

Carefully craft a dozen or so affirmations that make your heart sing. Send them to me and I will infuse them with hypnotically phrased goodness to have your unconscious mind salivating at the notions.

Next, review them until you're delighted with them and finalise the focus.

Inside my calming ambient recording studio I will professionally voice them and capture the affirmations with a holophonic mic… edit and clean them.

Then your supercharged affirmations will be mixed on the edge of liminallity (at the limit, so you can hear them, but are not distracted by them), to create THREE Pure-Liminal Recordings.

Three different versions:

Beta to Alpha (Creativity mix - daytime use)
Alpha to Theta (Meditation edition)
Alpha to Delta (Deep sleep version)

“An affirmation can work because it has the ability to program your mind into believing the stated concept."
Ronald Alexander Ph.D.

Here's what it will do for You

Confidence, Motivation, Financial Abundance... the Mind-Set changes that happen are truly yours to choose.

What would it mean to you, to laser focus the transformations of your mind?

Subliminal Recordings DO NOT WORK (See why). But 'Liminal Recordings' DO WORK and are the supercharger to changing your hard-wired mental patterns with Affirmations.

These are Personal Liminal-Affirmation recordings 

Pre-recorded affirmations are not personal. If your affirmations are not 100% true, your unconscious mind will reject them.

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