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At Wellness Festivals across the UK...

A tranquil and peaceful environment where you can sit back, slip of a pair of headphones and come on a journey of positive healing and transformation. Our 'Live' Wellness Festival Installation. Check Out our First Full Season

"What a delightful meditation! I felt my heart open and look forward to the feeling of abundance filling my life. Thank you!" Naia at Nosily Festival

"Calming, wholesome & restorative. Delightful space, thank you so much for sharing " Karen at W.O.M.A.D Festival

The SoBeing Podcast, 3 Simple Steps for Change... 

"I believe there is a different way to live a passion filled beautiful life rather than constantly being busy, hustling, breaking the rules and basically being obnoxious to get ahead."

"OMG....just had to tell you how MUCH I enjoyed - and embodied! - episode 1. Thank you, thank you!" Jan C

SoBeing is about YOU becoming the conscious architect of your thoughts. Check out the SoBeing Podcast  More info about the SoBeing process