The Four Treasures.

Your Treasure Chart will bring you the desires of your heart.

Bold statement above.

Notice it does not say: your treasure chart will bring you all the faddy nonsense and junk your ‘mind’ thinks you want right now.

What your heart desires...

To fully realise this, ‘Heart Brain Coherence’ is where it’s at. This, simply speaking, is where your heart and your mind are fully aligned and synchronised.

During the last 25 years there have been over 300 peer-reviewed and independent scientific studies focusing on the HeartMath Meditation and techniques.

The data is in; Heart/Brain Coherence makes a difference.

HeartMath’s meditation uses breathing techniques to calm the mind and body bringing about this state of ‘coherence’. Moving people from stressed to calm very quickly.

The opposite of coherence would be ‘negative’ emotions, during stress a person’s heart rhythms are erratic and chaotic, this disorder is sent as messages to the brain inhibiting higher cognitive functions. This is not what we want, right.

Your heart sends more messages to your brain than the other way round.

So you do think with your heart… or at least partly.

There are brain-cells like neurons located in your heart communicating with your brain (around 40,000 neurons, called sensory neurites).

So the age old saying of ‘thinking with your heart’ is at least partly true.

Being in a harmonious relation with your heart has a multitude of benefits.

The Four Treasure are inside the Four Categories.

What do you want more of in your life… that will ‘raise your vibration’, make you happier and more fulfilled as a being?

I trust as you’re reading this you’re not interested in more junk food, soda, gambling, junk TV etc. We’re talking about the stuff that enlivens your spirit and makes you feel whole.

The Four Categories. Things, Activates, People and Places

Presented here is simple categorisation of life… Things, Activates, People and Places. All fits into these.

From a new shirt to a new car the ‘Things’ we own and aspire to own also afford us the opportunity to feel grateful.

Your focus of the Things, Activates, People and Places fill deep inside your mind the spaces… and if you don’t consciously fill the spaces: advertising, other people, the random chatter (monkey mind) and all manner of other sources will fill your thoughts.

You need a gate-keeper. A filter for positive vibes only.

And deliberate conscious focus... Here is how to make it FUN.

Take 4 sheets of paper (or a big piece and fold in half creating four sides), and write the four headings above.

Then… think on the Things and write. From the little things you can acquire today or this week, to the bigger things. E.g: Goji Berries to a new Car/Laptop/House etc.

Then the Activities you want to do more of, the People (and type of people) you want to spend more time with and the Places you enjoy going, again this is your local coffee shop to the Maldives.

Write down the things you can do/have this week (or today) and the ‘bigger’ things that will take the passing of time and enjoyable action to acquire.

“Where your attention goes energy flows…” Or your RAS.

The music is playing loudly, a large number of people are talking, laughing, having fun… you’re also engrossed in conversation, over on the far side of the party, someone says your full name… instantly you hear it.

That’s your Reticular Activating System (RSA), all those sounds you hear, they are all going in your ears, but your conscious attention is focused on the person you are talking with… until your RAS is trigged by “the sweetest sound anyone can hear”, as Dale Carnegie put it.

This is the same cognitive function that happens when you constantly start seeing a type of car, shoes, phone that you’ve been thinking about getting, then suddenly you start noticing it everywhere.

Simply put you’ve started focusing on ‘it’ and you're aware of it.

Your RAS is like a ‘filter’ between your conscious mind and your unconscious mind… ‘listen out for my name’ is an active subcommand, that’s why you hear it. By focusing your Reticular Activation System on a thing, you focus more attention on that thing and you draw more of that thing towards you.

“Vision Boards Vs Treasure Charts.”

First up, a Treasure Chart sounds way more appealing (to me) than a board.

Board and bored sound exactly the same when you say or think them (Anchoring?). The neural connections inside your mind are triggered for both meanings. You’re literally associating ‘bored’ and to some extend the derivatives boring, boredom to your ‘Dreams’ and aspirations.

Good idea!!?!

Now you know why those ‘bored’ meetings are not fun lol.

Second (really this is more ‘Anchoring’/Pavlovian association), think about this scenario…

All the traffic lights were red on the way home. You had a really bad day at work, your boss had been horrid and you stubbed your toe (that can really hurt)… you get home feeling, well, stressed and in a super bad mood, then you look at your Vision Board stuck up all nice on the wall associating all those bad feelings to all the images.

Or, maybe you’re just in a momentary funk feeling down about your failures and you look at your Vision Board on the wall… taunting you, just more failures. Again very bad associations to make, right.

Instead GOOD VIBES. Good Feelings.

Are you going to put a real treasure chart on the wall? The map to ‘X marks the spot’, the secret location of a buried chest full of untold treasure…?

Of course not! That sucker is hidden (maybe even torn into 3 pieces each piece held by a different strange and interesting caricature under sworn oath to work together to find the treasure… if you’re in a movie).

Each time you go to your ‘hiding place’ to look at your Treasure Chart you start to feel EXCITED. Good Feeling filling your mind and body as you pull it out.

How totally opposite the vision bored and Your Treasure Chart are.

Time to Make Your Treasure Chart... and Activate it.

Some of the most powerful Treasure Chart images are the ones you draw, ones that you take time over and put feeling into.

Each time you come across an image in a leaflet you get handed in the street or a picture you see in a magazine, think about all the chance occurrences that led up to you finding that.

Think about the synchronistic occurrences that happened for you to be in the right place at the right time (with your reticular activation system open and receptive to ‘seeing’ that thing) and feel a burst of gratitude.

Yes feel grateful that you have just found another image and as you do, imagine sticking that image onto your Treasure Chart.

You are engaging your imagination here, you are thinking about your Treasure Chart again. You are giving more thought to it… connected to Good Feelings.

Lets Activate it. Select a place to put up your Treasure Chart where you have to actively go and look at it. This very act makes it something that becomes exciting, secret and powerful.

Choose your ‘hiding place’ carefully. Somewhere where you will only see it when you go to deliberately look at it. Pick a location that you can go to at least once each day and look at it.

After a while you will ‘see’ the images in your minds eye. Project yourself into the pictures… Imagine being there and experiencing all that you would experience. See what you would see, hear what you would hear and feel how good you will feel when you have these items and experiences.

Your Treasure Chart is a pictorial representation of the things and experiences that you want to have more of. And the Secret is; GOOD FEELINGS attached to the thoughts.

----  Before you've created the pictorial version of your Treasure Chart, while it's simply written words. Look at them daily. First thing in the morning and last thing at night... where your mind is receptive.   ----

Practical Action Steps:

1: Get in state. Positive Heart Brain connection. This is simply done by focusing on your heart center and breathing gently with your eyes closed.

2: The Four Categories. Write down the Things, Activities, People and Places you want (more of) in your life.

3: Create Your Treasure Chart. Make these above words Visual.

4: Activate and (re-)View Your Treasure Chart. Get in State and impress your desires deeply into your unconscious mind each day.

So, there you have it. The simple plan for creating your own Treasure Chart and Activating it.

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