I launched this 30 minute podcast with a 3 step theme to it, including techniques and a 'live' meditation, 4 years ago.

It's about #1 letting go of what stops you moving forward.

#2 feeling great right now...

and #3 creating a fantastic future.

But, coinciding with my release 4 years ago, world events were such that suddenly fear levels shot up. No one was feeling great... and for many, the future was completely uncertain.

So it just didn't seem the right time to continue it.

And I've not thought about picking it back up either... I have different plans and topics.

Right now if you want to let go of what stops you.

Feel good... Feel Grateful and Happy.

And if you want to set new intentions.

This short 9 episode (3 on letting go... 3 on gratitude and 3 of consciousness creation) Podcast could be just for you.

How much does it cost?

Just your time: 30 minutes, 9 times... plus repeats... and extra curricula...

Money wise... They're free to listen to on YouTube.

I may upload them to bandcamp for free/donation to download... so imagine you paid hundreds for then.

Value them and you'll get more value from them.

>> Podcast (do NOT listen while driving) <<