Yoga's Most Important Asana

The Art of Shavasana:

Going Deep with Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Visualising…

In this podcast talk your listeners will learn the 3 Core (skill based) techniques for quietening the mind and body for meditation, Yoga Nidra, Guided Visualisations or even just relaxing into Shavasana more deeply.

  • Quieten Monkey Mind quickly
  • Close down that jumping mind
  • Switch off the worst case scenarios and worry
  • Relax the body for deeper Shavasana

Shavasana... oftentimes overlooked and undervalued, this relaxing asana is one of the most powerful poses within Yoga… Really!

Holding secrets and wonders that can transform your life, when you surrender to it.

The union of form and breath, Asana and Prana.

Shavasana is: asana, prana and meditation. Deeply relaxing, breathing and meditating is the space where magic happens.

Shavasana the most important Asana in Yoga:  

What you say and how you say it, has an impact on people… this magnified during meditations and Yoga Nirda. Also what you hear can have a huge impact.

Hi, I'm John Vincent and if this Podcast talk is something that would resonate and interest your listeners... Lets connect.

I’d LOVE to share my message and techniques with you and your listeners.

A 60 - 90 minute podcast talk delving deep into relaxation