Pure Liminal Affirmations...

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Congratulations on your journey of Pure Liminal Development


Below are the three Categories (Meditation, Creative Alpha, Deep Sleep) of your Personal Pure Liminal Affirmations for three different uses...

At the beginning of each recording you'll hear each affirmation clearly once... from there they drop to the ‘Liminal’ level (threshold of hearing) so your unconscious mind still hears the affirmations and triggers the same Neuro-Cortical pathways that are created by the thought, while you are not consciously distracted by them and can relax...

This approach makes the Super Liminal Recordings possible. Multi-tracked affirmations. After the initial Conscious Mind ‘Priming’ of the hypnotic affirmations drop to Liminality, they become stacked and placed in different frequency ranges meaning they are repeated and reinforced hundreds of times during each play.

Theta Meditation - Ascension: Only listen to this when you want to close your eyes, sit or lay down and deliberately focus deeply inside your unconscious mind on the Positive Goals You chose and move towards and beyond. Headphones are needed for the Binaural Beats edition, the MOST Powerful version.

Note: The Theta BWE has been tuned to the Shuman Resonance, the resonance of Earth.



Nature Creative: This nature soundscape session can be used as a background to any creative session, writing, thinking, painting, etc or as the backdrop for your meditations, gentle Yoga or Tai-Chi practice etc.

These sessions start in the Beta Brainwave state (normal busy consciousness) and move to Alpha Brainwave states (the natural flow-state).

These recordings can be used while driving, commuting, working and so on...



Sleep Deeply - Alpha to Delta: This recording is for sleeping deeply and allowing your personal affirmations to be repeated over and over as you relax and drift to sleep.

Starting in a relaxed Alpha Brainwave these recordings pass through deep meditative Theta all the way down to Delta to help you really relax and sleep deep.


This recording uses Monaural Beats so no headphones are required as you drift to sleep.

“An affirmation can work because it has the ability to program your mind into believing the stated concept."
Ronald Alexander Ph.D.