What could you achieve with your own Personal Hypnotist?

Personal Hypnosis

Personalised Hypnosis is what it sounds like. Its a hypnosis session designed for You.

For your personal needs, wants and desires.

How does is work?

#1 What is your biggest challenge? What is holding you back, limiting you and stopping you moving forward.

#2 What is GREAT in your life right now :)) What makes your heart sing (to add some Good Feelings).

#3 What do You want. What are you looking to create and make manifest in your life, both short term and longer.

Each month after you let me know these three things. I take your answers and create a personalised ‘Live’ Hypnosis recording from your requirements.

These are 'LIVE' Hypnosis (mp3's) sessions tailored to YOU (and the small group of people in the same group as you). These are NOT like the studio recordings of mine. This IS more like if you were sitting in my office with me for a one-to-one session.

Personalised Hypnosis and Guided Visualisations infused with NLP.

Plus get ready to take it to the Next Level...

Your 60-Day Goals

The reason most 'goals' don’t happen is because the ‘juice’ runs out. Then the action stops and results simply don't happen. This is directly connected to a lack of accountably.

Yes... the Powerful concept that is Proven to make a difference. 

“What gets measured gets done”. We're talking: ACCOUNTABILITY. Plan and simple. 

The reason ‘coaches’ be it in sports, business, or life GET RESULTS is because they keep you on track.

60-Day Goals do Just that.

60-Day Goals are goals for the short term. And for the longer term forming part of a bigger picture.

Every two weeks they are reviewed and fine tuned, as well as new 60-Day goals added. This keeps the momentum and Gets Results.

Commit. Tell Me What you want. What is in the way.  And get ready for deeply hypnotic transformations.

This is the closest thing to working with me live in person. Except you get to listen again to the Hypnosis Session. 

If you have any questions about this, or would like to know more Contact Me.


John Vincent