October 2020

Personal Hypnosis

Live Your Higher Values Daily...

“Measuring yourself against yourself... your progress, how far have you come...? What have you succeeded at so far . . .”

On top of all the things that are important to you is the notion of focusing on what supports you from your past and letting go of that which doesn't... as well as maintaining the achievements that are not a one off goal but an addition to your lifestyle.  

Listen to this 'Live' Personal Hypnosis session.

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One of the things I always say about hypnosis is the intention you set before (hint this is your 60-Day goals).

Keep yourself accountable... EMAIL ME Your 60-Day Goal Outline, (only if  you want to take advantage of Accountability from me).

What will you See, Hear, Feel when you've succeeded in 60 days.

What is Half Way there? What will you have done/experienced/Achieved etc.

And the 1/4 (2 weeks time) and 3/4 (6 weeks time), that will Get you more of what you want.


John Vincent 🙏