August 2020

Personal Hypnosis

Live Your Higher Values Daily...

“In my Releasing & Letting Go workshop the first thing I say to people is; if its something thats holding you back… ask yourself, what is it holding you back from? What is it stopping you doing or achieving? Because the more time you spend focusing on what you do want, rather than what is holding you back, the better.”

The more you get clear about both details and the bigger pictures of your desires... feel GOOD Grateful and Happy the more your focusing in the right direction. Releasing and Letting Go of what stops you allows you to focus more on what you DO want more of.

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Set some short term 60-Day Goals.

One of the things I always say about hypnosis is the intention you set before... hint this is your 60-Day goals.

What will you See, Hear, Feel when you've succeeded in 60 days... lets call it: October 1st?

What is Half Way there... September 1st? What will you have done/experienced/Achieved etc.

And the 1/4 (2 weeks time) and 3/4 (6 weeks time), that will Get you more of what you want.

EMAIL ME Your 60-Day Goal Outline, if...  you want to take advantage of Accountability from me.


John Vincent 🙏