Six Reasons why Meditation is better Naked!

#1 Naked meditation helps you to remove inhibitions.

When it comes to the thought of naked meditation, do you feel uncomfortable, a little bit embarrassed or just to shy to even try it?

If you do, you might be blocking yourself with feelings of self-doubts. The good news is naked meditation may help you to remove these inhibitions, even if you're alone in your own home.

The less you doubt yourself, the less likely you’ll be to criticise yourself, this leads to overall increased feelings of well-being and happiness.

In short you're excited to do more and feel freer

#2 When you’re feeling physically restricted, you may also feel mentally restricted too.

Let's face it there is nothing ‘freeing’ about a tie around the neck!

We’ve all warn clothes that were not comfort, but ‘looked’ good or were appropriate.

Waring an under vest, shirt buttoned up, waistcoat, tie round the neck and a suit jacket on top of all that, your freedom of movement is dramatically reduced.

Stripping away the outer layers really does help strip away the inner too.

When you’re no longer dragged down by negative emotions, states of embarrassment, shame or discomfort life is simply more fun.

#3: Being naked is healthier

One of the biggest benefits of meditating naked outside is that it your body is exposed to body to sunlight, this give lots of health benefits.

Sunlight boosts the production of vitamin D in your body. Vitamin D helps prevent, arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and more…

Being naked stimulates your skin helping detoxify your lymphatic system and improve the circulation of blood in the body.

During the 1700’s doctors advised bathing in the ‘vital’ elements of water, air and sun… Benjamin Franklin was a fan of air bathing.

As well as improving your physical health sunlight helps to improve your mental health by promoting an overall feeling of wellbeing lifting your mood.

#4: Boost your Confidence and self-esteem

Boost your Confidence, self-esteem and create a positive body image. This is something that’s always going to have a positive impact on your life.

Most people today believe their body isn’t good enough. The ideal body images shown in fashion magazines are almost impossible to attain. As a result many people feel pressured to live up to the unattainable body image presented in the media.

Clothes are an indicator of a persons social status, this in turn leads to perceived superiority and inferiority. When people remove their clothes the social status is stripped away.

Naturism remove this helping people realise that their own limiting beliefs about their bodily are just that, limiting beliefs. This helps people to accept their bodies, and respect those of the others.

#5 Stripping Away The Ego

You’ll find naturists are usually a very open minded type of person. Being naked makes you more accepting of other people, when your clothes off how could you not be more accepting?

Nude beaches, yoga classes, etc full of friendly social interaction, where no-one has anything to hide.

We’re all very different in many ways, but being naked shows us that, deep down we’re all the same.

#6: It could help make you more spiritual

The link between naturism and spirituality is thousands of years old.

From the Naga Baba’s (or Shadus) in India practicing Naked Yoga, to the free-love hippie movement of the 1960’s, right through to today’s hot trend of Naked Yoga.

Many naturists also engage in other spiritual practices, like meditation and energy work. there are many rituals and ceremonies that are performed naked.

In the 16th century there was a group of Christians who practiced naked to show how innocent and pure their souls were.

In in the story of Adam and Eve the clothing represents shame. Nudity represents innocence.


#1: If you feel physically restricted, you may also feel mentally restricted too.

#2: Naked meditation helps you to remove inhibitions.

#3: Being naked is healthier

#4: Boost your Confidence and self-esteem

#5: Helps in stripping Away The Ego

#6: It could help make you more spiritual

The euphoric feeling of being naked in nature helps boosts your confidence, your self-esteem, makes you healthier, happier, more balance and accepting.

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