Breakthrough You Series

I made these video to help you make your life even more AWESOME.

Video#1: The 4 Conditions (10 mins), will help you set goals that you achieve... its the closes thing to 100% Guaranteed there is with goal setting (press play and you'll see why).
Video #2: The 4 Categories gives you a framework to apply the 4 Categories to. And the other videos... watch and find out.
If you choose to work with me this is some of the kind of things we'd do together, here is yours free. Enjoy.

John Vincent

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

Video #5

Your Wellformed Outcomes...

Goals, markers, successes on your journey that is life...

Your Four Life Categories

This is where the fun is, choosing your success markers on your journey...

Human Being and Human Doing

What I learned about balance in India… not in my Yoga practice.

Your 60-Day Outcomes

A Lot can happen in two months, especially with this... 

Re-cap... Use these simple principles, transform your life.

Wellformed, 4 Categories, 60-Day Doing & Being... More.

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